Looking at pictures of adolescent animals at work has always been taboo. After all, that's not really doing your job is it? Well, according to research from Hiroshima University in Japan, looking at photos of cute pets can actually increase your productivity at work!

Based on tests performed on groups of people after seeing pictures of either young, cute pets, or older pets, researchers have confirmed that looking at cute animal pictures increases productivity. The researches believe that productivity is increased after looking at pictures of cute pets because we relate these younger animals to babies. Humans naturally pay increased attention to babies, which increases control of motor action.

So, the next time your boss catches you looking at pictures of cute puppies at work, you can tell him that you are just increasing your productivity and getting ready to complete your next task! But on a serious note, its nice to know that the thousands of cute pet pictures we see every year actually do make us more productive!

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