eat lunch at desk

In the world of 10- and 12-hour workdays, there seems to be little time for breaks or rest. The once-revered lunch break has now turned into a crammed "eat while you work" session. A recent article in The Atlantic suggests that you should only work through your lunch break if you really want to.

According to research published in the Academy of Management Journal, workers who stayed at their desk during lunch experienced a higher level of exhaustion at the end of the day, compared to the days when they stepped away from their desk at lunch. However, if the employee chose to work through lunch, rather than being pressured to work through lunch by a superior, their exhaustion level at the end of the day was similar to that of taking a lunch break.

To pump up overall productivity, you must protect your mind and body by giving it downtime throughout the day. Instead of staring at a screen through what is likely your only break of the day, why not take a walk outside and enjoy some fresh air? Resting your eyes and mind for just a short time can give you that boost when you return to the desk after Lunch. Eating lunch at your desk also opens the door to distractions -- you know, Oh, I'm eating lunch, so I might as well check Facebook.

Do you tend to work through lunch? If so, it might be time to step out for a break instead.

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