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Yesterday, I shared my emphasis on lifting heavy things and playing outside; today, I'm diving a bit deeper and sharing specifically how I work these activities into my schedule each week. I allot about two hours for my workouts now, but I started off with devoting 60 minutes to physical activity. Without further ado:

Strength Training

My strength training comes in two forms: kettlebell workouts and bodyweight workouts. I get the latter from Insanity DVDs or Spartan Race WODs, which I do three times a week, but the former I found via Google.

New to kettlebells and weight training in general? Start with this 15-minute workout, as I did. I used it to prepare for my first obstacle race, the Warrior Dash, and build the overall strength required to take on a more comprehensive kettlebell routine.

If you're looking for a more comprehensive kettlebell workout, try this one, which I currently do on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or this one, which should be done twice a week. I started off with a 20-pound kettlebell but am now ready to move up in weight.

Playing Outside

Because I have an indoor job and work out indoors, I try to get outside as often as possible. This could entail any of the items on yesterday's list, but sometimes it's as simple as walking with an empty backpack or eco bag to run my local errands.

If you have a dog, getting outside becomes even easier: just dedicate yourself to taking a longer walk with your furry friend every day.

Other Workouts

While the bulk of my workout is comprised of strength training and HIIT cardio courtesy of Insanity, I find time to schedule other "miscellaneous" workouts every other day or so. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Yoga: I have a membership (if you're seriously interested, use ambassador code marissa for two free weeks) and work in one to three hours of ashtanga yoga a week.
  • Hiking: I coordinate a long hike with friends every month or so. It provides a different physical challenge and enables us to explore San Diego together.
  • Workout DVDs: I confess that I'm kind of hooked on workout DVDs. I do these as an add-on to my current routine -- typically on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
  • Beach Runs: Every Saturday, I do my long run on the beach.

Finding your workout groove is all fine and good, but building the momentum is the step that separates the amateurs from the professionals. Next week, I'll share my strategies for beating workout plateaus and staying motivated.

Note: This is the latest installment of an ongoing series. Peruse the ever-growing archive here.

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