productivity myths debunked

The creative world is full of productivity myths about the best work practices. However, many of these practices are only getting in the way of your productivity, not helping it. The infographic below from AtTask debunks five common creative productivity myths.

Creatives in general work under the assumption that structure kills creativity. However, according to the infographic, structure actually makes more time for creative time. Between meetings, rework, and the approval process, most creatives feel they don't have enough time to simply be creative.

Most agencies feel that they can increase output with the help of additional resources. However, this addition simply gets in the way of productivity. Hiring a new employee in the middle of a project will only prolong the process, and it takes more than six months for new midlevel managers to break even. So, before hiring a new employee, make sure the timing is right.

Most companies use email as a collaboration tool, but this isn't the best route to take. Because of the nature of email, using it as a collaboration tool leaves room for error and miscommunication. Instead, try an online collaboration tool, like Basecamp or Asana, which encourage collaboration and provide a space to organize projects.

See other productivity myths in the infographic below.

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