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With more and more people choosing flexible working over working in a traditional office space, the home office has become increasingly important. From the design to the ergonomics, every aspect of your home office has an impact on your productivity. The infographic below from Vonage shows you just how to deck out your home office.

First and foremost, you have to be comfortable. Choose an ergonomic office chair that provides you with ample back support, as well as adjustments for arm rests and height. You also need to think about the height of your desk to ensure you aren't straining your neck while staring at your computer.

Your home office also needs a few little things here and there to not just make it aesthetically appealing, but also to boost your performance. Natural light and a little desk plant will help to energize you and boost your productivity. Keep clutter off your desk and invest in an iPod dock, especially if you enjoy listening to music while you work.

Check out the infographic below for more ways to deck our your home office.

The Definitive Guide To Decking Out Your Home Office
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