working from home

Flexible working gives workers the ability to choose their own schedules and give themselves the freedom to work around other aspects of their lives. So, it's no wonder that more and more companies are offering flexible working as an enticing perk to job candidates. The infographic below takes a look at the rise of flexible working.

More than three quarters of survey respondents said they do not work remotely as often as they would like, and 38% said they feel all employees should be given the option of working from home. The majority feel that offices will be obsolete in the next 20 years, with 40% saying offices will be gone within the next 10 years.

These stats show that flexible working is desired among modern-day workers, who would much prefer the freedom of telecommuting than being forced to work out of an organization's office. Many businesses have implemented policies in which employees can choose to work from home once or twice a week. This freedom and flexibility builds loyalty and, ultimately, performance and productivity.

Learn more about the rise of flexible working in the infographic below.

the rise of flexible working infographic
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