Distractions are the number one killer of productivity. From emails to loud coworkers, there are many things that throw off our focus. In order to work at our most productive level, we must learn how to block out these distractions in order to ensure efficient and high quality work. Here are some tips on how to ignore the things that distract you.

Focus on you. Create time during your day where you work alone. For many of us, this time occurs during the morning, when the primary distractions of the day have yet to occur. This alone time can be a space for new ideas, accomplishing difficult tasks, or simply mapping out your day. Whatever it is, use this quiet time wisely as it is most likely the only alone time you get all day.

Stop multitasking. Most of us see multitasking as a way to get more stuff done during the day. Unfortunately, multitasking decreases the quality of our work, and ultimately decreases productivity due to the allocation of focus. In a world where 90% of us use electronic devices sequentially throughout the day, it is no wonder we are so distracted. Get one task done well or a bunch of tasks done poorly. The choice seems pretty easy to me.

Kick your email addiction. Obsessive email disorder is a real thing. Do you find yourself checking your email every five minutes? Cut it out! By constantly monitoring our inbox, we break our focus from other, more important tasks. By scheduling specific times throughout the day to check your email, you can become a more productive worker.

We can all benefit from increasing our productivity. By following these tips, you can boost your productivity and quality of work. Give it a shot!

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