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This is a guest post by Rebecca Fox.

Boosting a worker's productivity is a challenge for many business leaders across the world, as they seek to find ways to make staff more efficient in getting their work done. Several tried and trusted methods are employed in many parts of the globe, with effective results. Here is a selection of ideas worth considering.

Have a Siesta The afternoon siesta isn't just an excuse to take an after lunch nap. In fact, it has shown to have profound benefits on productivity for staff working in warmer climates - such as Greece, Spain and other Mediterranean countries. With the afternoon being the hottest part of the day, it makes sense that productivity levels are likely to be at their lowest at this time. Taking a siesta enables staff to recharge their batteries and come back to work later once the heat has died down and their energy levels are soaring again.

Work Set Hours Countries such as Germany have imposed strict rules with regards to worker availability once they have clocked off for the day. The rules state that a worker should not be expected to take work related emails or calls under most circumstances outside their working hours. The rule came into force from the belief that workers should know when they are and aren't available for work, in an effort to reduce burn out and fatigue, especially for those who work remotely.

Have a Proper Lunch Break In recent times, it has been increasingly the norm for many workers to either skip their lunch break or take a reduced lunch break, in order to get more tasks done. Whilst this might seem a fruitful way to boost productivity, in actual fact, it can have the opposite effect. Many parts of Europe place a ban on staff working through their lunch break, and actively encourage them to sit with colleagues and eat together. Not only can this foster good relationships, but it ensures workers return to their desks feeling refreshed and raring to go again.

Get Some Exercise It's a well documented fact that taking a break and getting some fresh air can leave you feeling replenished, after spending a long period of time at a desk. Many countries encourage staff to take a break away from their workstations throughout the day, whether it's by allowing a short walk outside or something more formal such as exercise regimes. In parts of Asia, such as China and Japan, many workers start the day by doing meditative exercises, stretches or gentle poses to get them relaxed and de-stressed for the day ahead. Other countries may offer gym memberships or incentives such as biking to work programs to help boost a worker's health.

Rebecca Fox is a writer who works with Foxhall Business Centres to share productivity tips, ideas and guides aimed at boosting productivity within the workplace.

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