Photo courtesy of Groundwork London

Photo courtesy of Groundwork London

A coworking space in London is taking the idea of using daylight and indoor plants to up your productivity to a whole new level. TREExOFFICE is located outdoors in a tree canopy. It is fully equipped with wi-fi and a power supply, and each rent payment goes toward maintaining the tree and its surroundings.

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"As a place to work, I can't think of a better office," Natalie Jeremijenko, who designed TREExOFFICE in Hoxton Square, told Fast Company. "It's a beautiful, airy, delicious space in amongst the chaos of public space."

The tree houses six to eight workers, and the novel workspace is actually helping to make park better for locals. In legal terms, the tree is a landlord, so all fees paid to use its facilities are reinvested into the tree and its surrounding areas.

"The profits from the tree are spent in the interest of the tree," said Jeremijenko. "By making it specifically about the tree, and the kind of revenue that the tree can generate, we're really exploring a larger political discussion of what are the rights of nature."

Jeremijenko previously designed a similar coworking space in New York City.

Learn more about TREExOFFICE in the video below.

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