Timely by Demandforce is a free bookmarklet that lets you queue a Twitter or Facebook update for later. Unlike similar features offered by Buffer, HootSuite and TweetDeck, which force you to specify exact times for these updates to be published, Timely automatically publishes updates from your queue based on when your followers are historically online and active.

Most of us don't just tweet to drive traffic to our website, but also to boost our personal brand, which entails sharing posts, news articles and other industry updates. We also know that services like Klout measure your online influence based on factors like reach and retweets. These factors make Timely's personalized publishing schedule especially attractive.

Each day, I spend 15 minutes populating my Timely queue with original tweets, compelling reads and other links, and another 15 minutes responding to @replies, retweeting followers' content and responding to their tweets. Do you use Timely?

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