The office is full of distractions that take employees' focus away from work. recently conducted a survey and found the top 10 time wasters. The infographic below reveals these distractions and how to fight back.

Email is the number one time killer. A third of respondents said they spend one to two hours each day checking and replying to emails, and 22% said they spend more than two hours. Internet surfing is, unsurprisingly, another big time waster with 80% of respondents saying they spend more than two hours surfing the web every day. Watching television is also taking up a lot of our time -- 26% said they watch between one and two hours of TV a day, and 16% said they watch more than two hours a day.

Most of us can be categorized into three types of time wasters -- the thrill seeker, the avoider, and the indecisive. The infographic suggests combating your procrastination by keeping track of how you spend your time. This will tell you exactly where your days go and gives you the opportunity to make the necessary changes to your routine.

Learn more about the biggest time killers in the infographic below.

top 10 time killers infographic
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