typography desks

To make an open office work, you have to veer away from the traditional, soul-sucking cubicle and opt for something more eye-catching. Working in a space that is aesthetically pleasing will help to boost productivity and creativity much more than a dreary and plain space. Enter the typography desks from designer Benoit Challand.

For his concept for Fold Yard, Challand created an open office in which every desk is shaped like a different letter of the alphabet. Because of the desks' large size, you really can't read the letters unless you are looking at the desks from above.

The curves and lines of every letter gives each desk it's own unique working space, which is much more appealing than a traditional cubicle. It also gives workers more space to spread out and more options to personalize their own workspace.

A design like this one might just be what open offices need to win over employees.

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