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Biz 3.0 recently posted an awesome infographic concerning wasted time in the workplace. For some of us, social media is work, so it makes sense that we spend so much time accessing the various social media sites each day. But for the majority of employees, social media presents a huge (not to mention costly) distraction at work.

According to the infographic, wasted time at work costs U.S. businesses big bucks each year. Although the exact number is hard to pinpoint since proven facts about productivity can be a bit vague, it is estimated that productivity loss could result in billions of dollars lost per year. This loss of productivity often comes in the form of web browsing non-work related sites. Along with surfing the web, employees socialize, conduct personal business, take personal phone calls, and stretch their lunch breaks -- all of which contribute to productivity lag.

Like I always say, you cannot improve what you cannot measure. Keep tabs on your habits at work, and tally up the amount of time you spend on non-related work tasks. Eliminate activity that is time consuming and counter productive. By doing so you can streamline your productivity, and become the most efficient worker possible! This way, you can finish your work in a timely matter, and focus more time on things you love!

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