Everyone needs a little pat on the back sometimes. Employees need to be shown that their work is appreciated and that their role is vital to the organization. This appreciation can go a long way in motivating a team to be productive and perform well.

However, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, those who voluntarily leave their jobs consistently say that the lack of appreciation was a major factor in their decision. A large majority of employers think they do show appreciation, but only 17% of employees feel these leaders are actually doing a good job with giving praise.

Many workplaces do have employee recognition programs that reward employees for a job well done. These programs, however, are designed to show recognition, not necessarily to truly appreciate the good work. This ends with a short-lived boost in motivation

The biggest problem with most recognition programs is simply that they are impersonal and generic. This often makes employees feel that the recognition is a forced gesture, and not genuine. Additionally, these programs are usually held quarterly or even bi-yearly, leaving employees with a lackluster feeling the rest of the time.

Sometimes, appreciation can be shown simply by letting an employee know that they produced great work. Other times, it takes a little more effort. Here are 5 recognition strategies that can help you show your appreciation for your employees.

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