One type of high performer is the one who has overcome overwhelmingly trying times and obstacles. They have equipped themselves with tools, resources, and skills to ensure they continue to be top performers when these trying times present themselves or as a result of these obstacles. They also make the best mentors.

Extreme mentors are those that have faced the kinds of obstacles that most wouldn't see in everyday life, and have done so through an empowering mindset. They don't necessarily have to come from a specific business background with career specifications. This is a mentor whose true value comes from their mindset.

"A strong and growth-oriented mindset is what helps you stay resilient and optimistic during the toughest of times, not learning more funnel strategies," writes Julian Hayes, founder of The Art of Fitness & Life.

As Hayes notes, an extreme mentor has two main purposes.

The first is they will equip you with a growth mindset. "A growth mindset is vital to your success because its core philosophy preaches that nothing is fixed or permanent. You can learn or acquire any skill or trait (with hard work of course)," Hayes writes.

The second purpose of an extreme mentor is they will teach you perspective. "When you have extreme mentors in your life, you'll realize that your situation isn't truly as dire and insurmountable as you think. With extreme mentors, I'm reminded that my solution is seldom solved externally. Instead, the solution revolves around me investigating my internal hardware--in other words, my mindset."

While traditional mentors provide their own value, an extreme mentor will help you grow your business or reaching for anyone one of your goals. And remember, this mentor doesn't have to be someone you know in real life. You can find these lessons in the form of books, podcasts, and any other method that allows you to learn about someone's stor.

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