If you are an independent contractor and can work from anywhere in the world, you know how to create multiple zones in your home or office for concentration, creativity, and even for fun. Even though working at home and being alone most of the time may be convenient and efficient, there are definitely times that call for collaboration.

I love getting to work from anywhere in the world. As long as I can connect to Wi-Fi, I can call it an office. However, I always look forward to our team’s monthly meetings, because it is the one time of the month that our whole team is in the same room at the same time, focusing on the same project. These are the times when breakthrough ideas happen. These are the times when you are sitting next to one of your co-workers and, after awhile, they can practically read your mind. These are the times when you wander off subject and think of a brand new experiment that you wouldn’t have thought about otherwise. This all happens due to collaboration and working together in a co-working type of environment.

WeWork is one of the largest co-working companies in the world, with 19 buildings in 3 different countries. WeWork hosts all sorts of companies, from freelancers and remote teams, to large companies. With thoughtfully and beautifully designed offices, you have an on-demand location to be creative and effective. However, it is more than your average co-working space. In addition to flexible space access, you can connect with 30,000+ creators and potential clients, and gain exclusive access to social, educational, and workshop-type events.

WeWork is now taking co-working to the next level by integrating co-living spaces in a project called WeLive. The first WeLive, will be located in Arlington County, VA. It will take up a 12-story office building and host 252 small apartments. Think of it as taking you back to living in your college dorm room, but surrounded by like-minded professionals.

WeLive is projected to have 34,000 members living at 69 locations by 2018, with per-member revenues of nearly $2,000," Neal Ungerleider writes for Fast Company. "By that point, WeLive is expected to earn $636 million in revenue and $158 million in income (before accounting for costs like taxes and depreciation)."

Now, I can understand that to some people living with your coworkers might sound crazy. We all need our own personal downtime and time off. But imagine the possibilities. It is taking the term “team retreat” to a whole new level. Whether or not it will be a great success in the near future is still to be determined. But it’s thinking like this that can possibly lead to a new type of creativity and efficiency.

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