tablet productivity

For some of us, our tablet is just another way to boost our productivity while on the go or in the office. For others, the tablet can be a pitfall for distraction, allowing us to succumb to Angry Birds, Candy Crush and a slew of other time sucks. The fact of the matter is, your tablet doesn't have to be a distraction. When used properly, the tablet can be an asset to your productivity in the workplace. Below are a few convenient ways to turn your tablet into a productivity tool.

Don't Let Games Rule the Roost. Create a folder for games and store them there, preferably not on the home screen. Make room for other, more productive apps.

Keyboard Up. The onscreen keyboard can be a bit slow, but for a low-cost you can purchase an external keyboard for faster, more precise typing. This is a surefire way to boost productivity and will undoubtedly increase your typing rate on your tablet.

Use It as a Second Monitor. Your tablet can come in handy when used as a second monitor attached to your desktop. This way, you have more screen workspace, making it a bit easier to organize your many on-going tasks.

Many of us do not capitalize on the many capabilities of our trusty tablets. Be proactive, and use your tablet to boost your productivity today!

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