quitting time at work

Some 21 million Americans will quit their jobs in the next 12 months, which will cost employers over $2 billion. These are just some of the chilling statistics Cornerstone On Demand and Harris Interactive uncovered in their Employee Performance Management survey.

Of the 1,143 employed survey respondents, only 37 percent indicated that their managers gave them useful feedback within the prior six months. Just 20 percent had established career goals with their supervisor or employer, and 34 percent reported that they received training that would help them improve at their jobs. Timely feedback and ongoing training are crucial components of employee engagement; with these statistics, it's no wonder that employees would rather work elsewhere.

The Cornerstone on Demand survey also found that employees love feedback: 43 percent of respondents wanted peer feedback, whereas 21 percent actually get peer feedback at their jobs. Check out the full infographic below (click for a larger version):

21 billion Americans quit jobs infographic
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