boosting productivity

Productivity is the focus of everything I do. However, it may not be something you choose to pay attention to. By giving productivity some thought and consideration, you can streamline your day and create more free time and less stress. In a recent article, John Meyer, founder and CEO of Lemonly, highlighted eight tips to increasing productivity. Here are my favorite three.

Eight for the Day When you wake up in the morning choose eight things you want to get done that day. Whether they are personal or professional, these eight tasks should sculpt how you spend your time throughout the day. As you accomplish each goal, move to the next one, and by the end of the day, you will feel accomplished and satisfied with your work.

Send Action-Only Emails Emails without a clear direction or call to action only cause confusion and more often than not, waste time. Keep emails short and to the point, calling for action when necessary. If an email can be avoided, donÕt send it.

#OfflineDarkSixty Give yourself one hour each day where you are disconnected. This lack of distraction will allow you to focus solely one whatever task you choose, without the chirping of the mobile and the vibrating of a new email on your smart phone. You will be surprised what you can accomplish when there is nothing distracting you.

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