overcome employee burnout

We live in a culture in which work is everything. We live for our jobs and tend to forget to stop and smell the roses. This is leading to people feeling overworked and experiencing job burnout earlier and more frequently than they should. The infographic below from TransForm Solutions offers a simple solution to overworked employees -- outsourcing.

According to the infographic, a third of North American workers feel overworked, which is no surprise since a large majority of American workers say they work more than 40 hours a week. A great deal of this burnout is caused by Email Trauma -- 22% said they are expected to check emails when not at work, 50% will check emails on the weekend, and 60% will check emails when out on a sick day.

Overworking employees is just bad for business. It can lead to low turnover, low morale, lower performance levels, and unhealthy employees.

One surefire way to combat employee burnout is by outsourcing. Outsource time-consuming tasks to free up time for employees to concentrate on more meaningful aspects of a project. It can also help accelerate processes, such as reorganization, and improve business focus.

Learn more about employee overload in the infographic below.

reduce employee burnout infographic
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