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Fridays are generally known as the most unproductive workday. As the afternoon stretches on and we get closer to the weekend, our minds tend to veer away from work and on to the many possibilities the weekend holds. Then we return to work on Monday feeling frazzled and overwhelmed. The solution is pretty simple, and I wish I had come up with it myself. Kevin Daum, an Inc. 500 entrepreneur and author of Video Marketing for Dummies, suggests we use Fridays to prep for Mondays to help make the transition form weekend to workday a little easier.

1. Get Organized

There's is nothing worse than walking into work on Monday morning and not feel prepared for the week ahead. Daum advises that you spent a bit of time on Fridays going through your calendar and planning out your week ahead. Set your reminders, make your to-do lists and make sure you know all your deadlines. "You'll clear your mind of that nagging feeling that you forgot something and have a truly relaxing weekend, leaving you happier on Monday," he says.

2. Commit to a Single Task

I can bet your inner procrastinator comes out to shine on Fridays. You probably look at all your on-going projects and think, "I'll get to that next week." This way of thinking is a productivity killer. Instead, choose just one thing to commit to, something that will help move a project forward. Don't allow yourself to slack off or leave the office until this task is completed. "The satisfaction of accomplishment may even motivate you to do more today," Daum says. "And next Monday, you'll have the relief of knowing that task won't be on your desk to taunt you."

3. Spruce Up Your Daily Routine

Take a few minutes on Friday afternoon to reflect on the week you just had. What did your daily routine look like? What were the things that caused you stress? What distracted you? Make a detailed list of all these things. Take a look at the list and see what you would like to change, and write down your ideal routine for the following week. Put this somewhere noticeable so you can't miss it on Monday morning.

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