flat design concept of business management
flat design concept of business management

This is a guest post by Joseph Kelly.

Increasing productivity in the workplace is not an easy undertaking. To boost your external analytics, such as traffic numbers, leads and exposure, first focus on the internal metrics of your marketing team. A Gallup survey found that 50 million American workers are not engaged or inspired at work. Chances are, you have a few of these individuals in your office right now.

If your marketing team seems unmotivated or lacks a fluid workflow, consider different factors that might be causing the dip, such as workplace environment and management techniques. Injecting a healthy dose of motivation could lead to more innovative ideas, a higher content yield and, ultimately, a better bottom line.

1. Set realistic goals

As a creative team leader make sure you’re setting realistic, concrete goals for your employees. You’ll create accountability by assigning individuals specific tasks they must get done during a certain time frame. You want these goals to be clear and appropriate for the talent an employee possesses. For example, if Jane is great at creating email campaigns, delegate milestones pertaining to that skill. To avoid monotony, change up these goals when feasible and invite your employees to share what they would like to work toward.

2. Encourage teamwork

If you’ve ever heard the phrase "two heads are better than one," then you understand how important teamwork can be for productivity. There are many apps that can help you manage teams, especially on a Windows or Android phone. Ask your employees to download these team-building apps on their smartphones, or perhaps supply your marketing team with smartphones especially for work; the change in medium of communication, and the ease through which work can be completed, is sure to increase excitement and productivity. One app, called Asana, helps marketers manage teams by presenting conversations side-by-side next to projects, so your team doesn't have to plow through scattered emails.

3. Create an inspiring office space

Make your office an enjoyable place to be. After all, your team is there for 8 hours, Monday through Friday. Design an office layout that makes communicating easy to further encourage teamwork. Including inspiration can mean anything from putting up beautiful artwork on blank walls or adding alternative seating (bean bags, futons, standing stations). If feasible, think about offering perks too, like free snacks and the occasional telecommuting reward to improve workplace morale.

4. Provide the necessary tools

Many employers forget to provide the necessary tools for employee success. Improve workplace productivity by providing more than just a desk and an outdated PC. High-speed Internet, the latest mobile technology and cloud storage will streamline workflow. To organize these workflows, software tools like Workflowmax can help with timesheets, job tracking and project management.

5. Continue training and education

Great employers understand the value of education. Help your employees continue theirs by offering in-house training or investing in college courses. Closing America's Job Gap lists the pros of employees' academic endeavors, including more innovation, higher employee retention and increased productivity.

About the Author:

Joseph Kelly is a small business consultant and freelance writer from California. He is married with two boys.

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