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Marissa Brassfield

Disappearing Office Forces You to Stop at 6 PM

Amsterdam design studio Heldergroen has an approach to work-life alignment that we at Ridiculously Efficient can definitely get behind: a disappearing office in which the desks vanish at 6 p.m. each day. [contextly_auto_sidebar id="a6gpfObFq2NNl80HJFB6DxEFaNxpQ6rV"]You read that right. The workspaces are all connected to...

Marissa Brassfield

3 Ways to Eliminate Office Clutter

When we are busy, organizing our office is always at the bottom of the to-do list. Who cares about the random papers on your desk or the remains of your lunch from two days ago? Well, you should care about these things! Clutter in your office can be bad for...

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