Productivity isn't just about how you work, it's about how you live. Everything from what you eat to how often you exercise has an impact on your productivity. The infographic below from Health Central outlines the ideal routine for maximized productivity.

Wake up at 7 AM and start your day with a hot shower, since heat helps make you more alert. Send important emails before 9 AM because they are more likely to be read. Between 9 AM and noon is when you'll reach optimal cognition, so schedule your most difficult tasks during this time.

The afternoon is when you'll really struggle. Your focus will decline after lunch, so this is the perfect time for a little power nap. Between 4 PM and 6 PM is the best time to do some strength training, because this is when your lung strength peaks. The best time to do cardio training is two hours before bed, because this will help ensure you have a good night's sleep.

End your day with a few creative tasks. When your mind is tired, it is better able to see and explore options that you otherwise wouldn't notice.

Learn more about the ideal routine for productivity in the infographic below.

productive routine infographic
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