workstation popcorn

It's hard to stay motivated as a telecommuter. You can easily get distracted by family obligations, household chores and (let's be honest) your couch and television always look enticing. One way to help you stay focused as a telecommuter is with the Workstation Popcorn technique.

First, make your daily to-do list. Be specific about each task and estimate how long each item will take to complete. Then, divide your tasks into three equal groups, so that each group takes the same amount of time to complete. Lastly, find three different locations to work from. This can be a selection of your favorite coffee shops, your home office or a coworking space. Allocate each group of tasks to one of those locations.

Go to the first location and complete all the tasks in the first group. Focus only on those tasks and nothing else. Then, pack up and move on to the second location for the second group of tasks, and do the same for the third. It's best if each of these locations are within walking or biking distance from each other since the physical activity makes for a good break in the day, and will get your blood flowing for the next set of tasks. The activity will also take you away from staring at your screen, get you moving and get you outside.

In between each location, give yourself a 30-minute break. Don't look at your phone, don't return to any of the previous locations and just learn to enjoy your surroundings.

The constant change in scenery will help you battle any feelings of boredom and take you to new levels of efficiency. Every time you arrive at a new location, you'll feel ready to work -- thanks to a little fresh air and exercise.

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