Amazon Subscribe and Save screenshot

Amazon Subscribe and Save screenshot

I am a huge user of the Amazon Subscribe n' Save service, which lets you select commonly purchased products to auto-ship at intervals you specify. Here's what's on my list and why.

1. Toothbrushes.

[contextly_auto_sidebar id="FqMd1kjYSnJsftRWMv34UX4KxNph0v1z"]I use an electric toothbrush, and my husband prefers a tricked-out manual toothbrush.

We now no longer have to wonder when we need to replace our toothbrushes; we do so when they arrive in the mail.

2. Air Filters

We don't have a lot of spare room, so having the filters for our central air conditioning system and air purifier arrive on regular intervals helps us remember to change them frequently without taking up an inch of extra room.

3. Vitamins

Our vitamins and supplements all run out at different intervals. Amazon Subscribe n' Save makes sure we don't go without.

4. Trash Bags

After my parents died, we moved into my childhood home, and have the dual duty of cleaning out the house while streamlining our existing stuff. We use trash bags for everything, and nothing is more frustrating than running out in the middle of a cleaning project.

5. Makeup Wipes

I swear by these for home and travel, and buying on Amazon means I never have to settle for a less-preferred brand.

I've saved a ton of time by using the Subscribe and Save service. Tweet me @efficient and let me know your must-have items.

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