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Americans hate their jobs more than any other country. A survey involving 8,000 respondents from the United States, Canada, India and Europe found that Americans hate their jobs the most.

The survey comes from and GfK, a market research company. They found that 53% of Americans enjoy their jobs, 15% dislike them and 31% like their jobs "well enough." Canadians, however, are pretty happy with their career decisions. 64% of Canadians said they love their jobs and only 7% said they hated their jobs.

“There’s been lots of studies done about how Europeans have more vacation days, or have better work-life balance. The other side of it is that there’s a lot of information about Americans working too many hours,” Joanie Ruge, senior vice president at Monster Worldwide, Inc. said. “More companies are trying to get more work done with less people.”

Workers in the United States work some of the longest hours in the world and still don't require paid annual or maternity leave. Some of the higher earning Americans work upwards of 60 hours a week.

Ruge notes that Canadian managers have been putting in a great deal of effort to improve employee engagement and happiness, which seems to have made quite the difference. Meanwhile, many Europeans dislike their jobs, but tend to work less hours. This could mean that their passions lie in hobbies and activities outside of work.

See more of the survey results below.

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