Bicycles are great forms of transportation when getting around a big, bustling city. The only downside is, if you live in a such a city, you probably live in a small apartment (not unlike my little basement studio). So, where the hell do you put your bicycle? Well, the Corridor Bicycle is here to save the day.

Designed by Dutch student David Roman Lieshout, the bike is light and compact so that it can easily fit within your small space. The frame curves so that the bike can easily hang off a wall, while also being comfortable to hold on your shoulders (while climbing up stairs). The pedals and handlebar fold in and, in lieu of a basket, the handles are designed to easily carry grocery bags.

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"The ergonomics are based on the grandma bicycle, as we call it here in the Netherlands," Lieshout told Fast Company. "So besides the fact that it has smaller wheels (20 inch) and a compact frame, you're still really comfortable and relaxed when you ride it."

Unfortunately, the Corridor Bike is still just a prototype while Leishout shops the design to bike manufacturers.

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