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By streamlining our working hours, we can get more out of the average workday than we are used to. However, the majority of us waste time and work inefficiently, which can lead to stress and fatigue on the job. And this further decreases productivity. To boost your productivity in the workplace, try implementing the following three hacks to your daily grind. If they don't seem to fit in, check out this link for others that may suit you.

1. Allot time for Email We all spend more time than we realize checking and responding to email. To avoid falling into this vicious trap, set specific times during which you will check and respond to emails. Strictly follow the guidelines set by yourself, and you will undoubtedly free up at least an hour during the day which you can put towards other tasks.

2. Create a Daily Plan Throughout the course of the day, many unforeseen scenarios present themselves in the workplace. These situations are experts at demanding our attention and pulling us away from the things that we should be focusing on. In order to eliminate these scenarios, create a daily plan each morning and stick to it. This is not to say you should ignore everything around you, but to eliminate your reaction time to the things that are happening around you. Saving time is about eliminating distractions and by creating a daily plan, you can do just that.

3. Monitor Social Media Usage As part of our daily plan, insert time allotments for checking social media platforms. Be strict on yourself, and do not use social media outside of these time allotments. It can be difficult, but you can do it! Social media can be one of the biggest distractions during the workday; don't let it get the best of you!

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