Today's adventure in radical lifestyle simplification is all about how I've drastically reduced the time I spend grocery shopping while still enjoying an abundance of fresh, local, organic fruits and vegetables, courtesy of a CSA home delivery service.

[contextly_auto_sidebar id="jVpwDvjyzivtm8Ex3JmzAdQzsqhln3SN"]I love the idea of farmers' markets and how they enable us all to enjoy fresh local produce. But as I mentioned in my last post, I'm not a fan of shopping. So when I shop for fruits and vegetables, I'm not thinking about variety or what's in season – I'm looking for things I already like.

That's where Local Harvest comes in. I've used this site since 2008 to find local CSAs who do home delivery. (Read more about what a CSA is here if you're unfamiliar.)

Each week, a box of fresh, local produce arrives on my doorstep, and I'm faced with a new, exciting challenge: how to eat and enjoy every item in the box before the next one arrives.

Here are the biggest unfair advantages I've experienced:

1. Effortless variety.

In theory, I love eating a variety of foods -- it's a big reason why I dine out so much. But in practice, if I go food shopping I tend to stick to a few favorites.

Joining a CSA gives me the best of both worlds: convenience and variety.

2. Boundary-pushing.

Since subscribing to a CSA, I've discovered a deep love for kale, how to roast pumpkin and squash seeds, and how to eat a cherimoya fruit -- all because I didn't want my investment to go to waste.

I can't say I wouldn't have ever had these experiences had it not been for a CSA, but it sure accelerated things.

3. Shopping simplification.

Since my week's worth of vegetables gets delivered to my doorstep, all I ever need to worry about buying at the store is protein and cooking basics like oils, spices and seasonings.

To find a CSA near you, check out Local Harvest.

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