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Marissa Brassfield

Black Friday 2016 at Ridiculously Efficient

One of my superhero skills is creating freedom by helping big thinkers, ambitious professionals and world-changing entrepreneurs effectively communicate their vision, which you’ll see in the following Black Friday 2016 deals. Give the Gift of Freedom When I lived in San Diego, I befriended a musician and entrepreneur who...

Are Computers Causing Nearsightedness?

Kings College London researchers believe that computers are causing nearsightedness. Here's how to fight back. [contextly_auto_sidebar id="tCKdRqHexVOXQiCG3oVNoRYZzb4wd7zq"]In Europe, about one-fourth of the population is nearsighted. But when you drill down to Europeans aged 25 to 29, the percentage of nearsightedness goes up...

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