With the percentage of people who dislike their job being over half, it is likely that you don't wake up each day and race to work with a smile on your face. Moreover, it is possible that you may know someone who is a disengaged worker, meaning they are present at work but absolutely hating every minute of it. As a disengaged worker, productivity is low and work quality is at a minimum. But what causes people to experience these feelings? Below are four reasons you may be disgruntled with your job, and some solutions to sidestepping these discouraging practices.

Micromanagement Micromanagement is enough to drive some workers crazy. Although the intentions are usually good, micromanagers portray the idea that they do not trust an employee's work ethic and must check up on them frequently. This can build mistrust in the working relationship, and drive productivity into the ground. In order to prevent this, try communicating with the micromanager and set up a series of checks and balances, which allows you to excel without someone constantly peering over your shoulder.

Lack of Progress As workers, we crave the feeling of knowing that our work matters for something. When we do not see any results for what we have accomplished, we become fed up at our lack of progress and productivity wavers. To prevent this, establish goals and progress measures to ensure that you can track your work. Knowing that you have accomplished something is a sure way to boost confidence and productivity.

Poor Communication Having to spend large amounts of time trying to acquire general information to complete certain tasks is frustrating. Poor communication within organizations can cause employees much stress and dissatisfaction, thus killing productivity. Work on establishing clear methods of communication with co-workers. If some form of communication is faltering, be sure to address the issue immediately. By doing so, one can ensure that proper communication methods are upheld and productivity is on par for success.

Unpleasant Coworkers Friendship in the workplace is proven to be a boost for productivity. However, the inverse is true as well. Unpleasant coworkers can kill the vibe of the whole office and cause stress and tension to run rampant. If there is a coworker in your midst that you find rather unpleasant, do your best to avoid him or her. Although complete avoidance is impossible, limit your exposure to this sour apple. And the opposite is also true. If you have a coworker who inspires you and pushes you to perform at your highest level, spend time working with such a person. Friendship can drive productivity and make work more enjoyable.

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