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Keeping in touch with colleagues, employees and employers has never been so easy. With smartphones, it's almost impossible to not get in touch with each other. Unless, of course, your boss is calling. A new study found that 34% of people will ignore calls from their boss.

GetVoIP conducted a survey among American workers to learn more about our constantly connected society. When asked if they would answer calls from their boss's, nearly 34% said they would never while almost 38% they always answered. It turns out, as most things, that salary has an impact on an employee's willingness to answer an after-hours phone call.

More than half of those in the $100,000-$149,999 pay bracket said they would always answer their phone after work hours. Only 36% of those who make less than $25,000 a year said the same. Interestingly enough, it is those in the $75,000-$99,999 salary range that are least likely to answer their phones after hours, with 32% saying they always do and 41% saying they never do.

There will always be situations in which employees are expected to answer calls and emails after hours, but this certainly should not be the norm. If you have an over-zealous boss who is constantly trying to get in touch with you, look into the company's policies about overtime.

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