Our anxieties about work and our careers can cripple us to the point that we are spending so much time worrying, we aren't actually doing our jobs as well as we could. A recent article on Fast Company highlights a simple but often overlooked way to help rid yourself of these workplace worries -- face your fears.

Rather than ruminating, which many of us are guilty of, face the cause of your worries head on. While this is easier said than done, addressing the source of your anxiety will be the first step is solving the problem at hand. If you are afraid of public speaking, simply avoiding it will only prolong the inevitable. And the longer you wait, the more time your imagination has to run wild and come up with the many unlikely scenarios of why and how something might go wrong.

And if something does go wrong, it probably won't affect you as much as you think. It turns out that we imagine we'll react to a situation in a certain way, but when faced with the problem we aren't nearly as affected.

So schedule that performance meeting you've been avoiding sooner rather than later. You'll probably be relieved to have it over with.

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