stressed worker
stressed worker

Recent research from Axa PP Healthcare found that 48% of senior managers are stressed out most or all of the time. The survey also found that 23% of employees are also stressed out most or all of the time.

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Financial stress was cited as the most common cause of stress (34%) for senior managers, with workload following (28%). However, workload was cited as the main cause of stress among employees (45%), which was followed by financial worries (26%).

“It is concerning to see that almost half of the senior managers surveyed report experiencing constant stress," Mark Winwood, director of psychological services at Axa PPP Healthcare, said. “Occasionally experiencing symptoms of stress is to be expected. However, chronic stress can create or exacerbate existing mental health issues, including anxiety and depression and, as such, it is important to manage.

Winwood adds that simple changes in workplace culture can go a long way. Being open about mental health and creating coping mechanisms for both managers and employees can benefit the entire company.

The healthcare company surveyed 1,000 senior managers, managing directors, business owners and CEOs, as well as 1,00 employees.

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