embrace downtime

Now, more than ever, our world is online. With more than 80 "things" per second connecting to the internet, it seems our days can be lost in the madness of personal websites, news, blogs, and YouTube hits. In the past I have posted articles about down time and how it affects your productivity. I return to this subject only because I see it as one of the most important things professionals deal with on a daily basis.

The Internet of "things" isn't slowing down or going anywhere. As professionals, the Internet is intertwined with what we do. With that being said, I reiterate the idea of taking a set period of time each day and stepping back from it all. This means turning off the phone, dropping Internet connection, and going to your happy place. Nothing takes me to this happy place like going outside for a walk in America's Finest City. The smell of the salt in the air and the cool breeze coming off the bay therapeutically massages the day's constraints from my mind. I am able to think clearly and focus on the things that I live for, the things that drive me to work so hard, so I can enjoy them at the end of the day.

I am all about productivity. In order to be the most productive person you can be, maximize your down time. Although this sounds backwards, down time gives your mind a valuable recuperation period, and you will return to the work environment refreshed and ready to tackle obstacles that once seemed too large to handle. Give it a shot; it will not be something you regret.

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