Kickstarter is getting rid of a job perk that many envy: unlimited vacations. Instead, the company will be capping off vacation time at 25 days a year (which is still pretty good). But the decision isn't quite what it seems -- the company felt employees needed a greater distinction between work and personal life.

"It’s always been important to us to ensure that our team is able to enjoy a quality work/life balance," a spokesperson for Kickstarter told BuzzFeed News. "What we found was that by setting specific parameters around the number of days, there was no question about how much time was appropriate to take from work to engage in personal, creative, and family activities."

While some work environments do offer unlimited vacation time, supervisors still might not take kindly to employees taking an extended holiday. It's also harder for employees to gauge just how much vacation time was viewed as "too much," and when taking time off would start to be looked down upon.

That being said, unlimited vacation time seems to be working for several other companies, like Evernote, Netflix and Prezi.

H/T Fast Company

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