National Day of Unplugging

The National Day of Unplugging is a cause after my own heart that asks participants to take a "digital detox" between sunset on March 23 and sunset on March 24. The Reboot organization based the concept on the day of rest in the Jewish tradition, adapting it for modern sensibilities.

The scope of the National Day of Unplugging is wide, which reflects the grasp technology has on our lives. For 24 hours, participants will have to avoid cellphones, tablets, computers and anything else that needs a plug for power. The especially initiated can go a step further and avoid anything that uses electricity, like elevators or some stoves. Reboot encourages you to participate in a way that lets you "rest and reflect without destroying the fabric of your life."

I'm a huge fan of downtime; on days where I'm really on my game, my gadgets are off or out of sight by 9 p.m. This serves two purposes. On a physiological level, powering down gadgets helps my brain recognize that it's time to wind down. On a psychological level, putting devices away minimizes visual distractions, which in turn enables my mind to wander freely and, ultimately, lead me to some of my best creative ideas.

Do you think you'll participate in the National Day of Unplugging tomorrow?

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