I talk a lot about the importance of unplugging to recharge your productivity and reset your creativity, but not all of us have the luxury of working from home at a schedule we set. Here's a list of ways, both big and small, to hit the proverbial reset button.

  • Unplug for at least two hours before bed. By "unplug," I mean "avoid anything that needs to be charged or has a plug." Loosen your grip from your smartphones, tablets, laptops and, yes, even the television. Pick up a book instead, or spend some quality time with your family.
  • Reorganize a part of your home. You'll force your brain to think creatively in a way that likely has nothing to do with work.
  • Take a walk. Try to make it at least 30 minutes. If you prefer running or jogging, go for it.
  • Cook something from scratch. In the spirit of the season, try a soup, stew or pasta sauce. Between prepping the ingredients and methodically stirring the pot, your brain has several opportunities to make new connections in the background.
  • Meditate. If you're a seasoned pro at meditation, you already know its ability to reset your creativity. Novices or those in a time crunch will still benefit by taking even five minutes to close your eyes, breathe deeply and clear your mind.
  • Switch up your workspace. If your office is uninspiring, see if you can hunker down for a few hours in a coffee shop, library or even a park. If you can't leave, rearrange your office so your desk faces a different direction.
  • Check out for a day. On one of your days off, check out completely. Leave your phone at home or in the car, get your family or friends to join you, and spend the day doing something you haven't had the chance to do lately. Hit an art museum, play tourist in your own town, drive to a you-pick apple orchard, go stand-up paddleboarding, or go on a morning hike.
  • Stretch. Stand up from your desk and roll your shoulders forward and backward. Gently twist from side to side. Bend to touch your toes and slowly roll up. It doesn't matter what you do so long as you get blood flowing through your body.
  • Walk to the water cooler. Hydration is essential. As you head there to fill up your glass or water bottle, do your best to clear your mind.
  • Cuddle with a pet. Whether your chosen pet is a cat, dog, fish or bird, interacting with that animal will help relax you and, in turn, reset your creativity.
  • Sleep. I've written about the importance of getting enough sleep, and I can't understate its importance on productivity and creativity. Nap during the day if you're tired, and make sure to get at least eight hours of sleep a night.
  • Chat with your best friend. Sometimes all it takes is describing your problem to a cherished confidante to get your next great idea.
  • Express yourself with art. Your medium can be pen and ink, pencil, charcoal, paint or even makeup. The idea is to focus your creative energy in a novel way.
  • People-watch. The best people-watching for me is at an amusement park, but the airport is a close second.
  • Try something new. Many fitness, dance and yoga classes will let first-timers try the class for free. If sweating isn't your thing, consider an acting, cooking or improv class.

How do you reset your creativity?

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