happy birthday cake candles

happy birthday cake candles

Today is my birthday, and I have a birthday wish for you. This isn't a sales pitch -- it's a heartfelt exercise to help you get clarity.

Think about an area of your life that is completely inefficient.

Perhaps it's your work email, or your meeting schedule. Or maybe it's your weekend hours, and how quickly they're dominated by chores, errands and catch-up work.

Pick an area and mentally chew on it. How does this inefficiency make you feel? How is it holding you back in other areas of your life? How does it affect your relationships, career or well being?

What's really holding you back from attacking this area of inefficiency?

What single step can you take, right now, that would create some momentum and help you optimize this area of inefficiency?

Here's my birthday wish for you: Do this thinking exercise, and then take that first step.

There's nothing more satisfying than permanently removing an inefficient practice from your life.

It feels like stealing time and getting away with it, or being able to stop the clock altogether.

If you're stumped on where to start, post on our Facebook page and I'll personally respond (after my birthday celebrations, that is). You're worth it.

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