The second richest person in the world, Mexican businessperson Carlos Slim, says people work way too much and the workweek should be shortened to just three days. Slim made the statement at a business conference in Paraguay, in which he said it was time for a "radical overhaul" of the way we work.

“With three work days a week, we would have more time to relax; for quality of life,” said Slim, who is the CEO of telecommunications company Telmex. “Having four days [off] would be very important to generate new entertainment activities and other ways of being occupied.”

carlos slim shortened workweek
carlos slim shortened workweek

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To make up for the lost hours, people would, Slim suggests, work 10 to 11 hours a day and retire at the age of 70 or 75

Telmex has recently introduced a new labor contract which gives workers the option of beginning work in their late teens and retiring before 50. It also provides the option of working after retirement for four days a week, with full pay.

Would you prefer Slim's 3-day workweek with 11-hour days, or is the 40-hour workweek working just fine for you? Tell us in the comments below!

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