Photo via Magdalena Roeseler/Flickr

Photo via Magdalena Roeseler/Flickr

There is no quick fix to boosting productivity. There are levels, steps and a lot of trial and error that goes into figuring out which tactics are right for you. Seth Godin has recently outlined a very simple way to boost productivity, and he says it's as easy as giving yourself a promotion. He calls it the Productivity Pyramid, which comes with several steps that will ultimately get you to a place where you are the one calling the shots.

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Step 1: Be Better

Do the tasks you already have on your plate better. "To work harder, and with more skill." Godin says this is the simplest way to increase your productivity.

Step 2: Outsource and Delegate

"Find people who are cheaper than you to do those assigned tasks. The theory of the firm is that people working together can get more done, faster."

Step 3: Invest in Technology

"The next step up is to invest in existing technology that can boost your team's output. Buying a copier will significantly increase your output if you’re used to handwriting each copy of the memo you've been assigned."

Step 4: Invent New Technology

"Huge leaps in value creation come to those that find the next innovation."

Step 5: Work On Better Tasks

"Figure out better things to work on. Make your own list, don't merely react to someone else's."

Godin adds that the most productive thing individuals can do is to simply stop working on someone else's to-do list and to start working on your own. While this might cause a short-term fall in productivity, it will ultimately lead to a better career path.

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