star wars themed office

With so much literature and research coming out about the importance of office design, it is easy to get varying opinions of what makes up the most efficient workspace. The fact of the matter is, everyone works differently and finds inspiration from different things. Unfortunately, catering to every single employee in the office is nearly impossible. Not to worry though, there is still hope that your new office design can boost the productivity of your employees!

Software design company Giant Pixel recently remodeled their office space. They hired on office design company O+A to handle this renovation. At the helm of the project was Neil Bartley, who worked closely with employees of Giant Pixel. In determining the different factors of the remodel, Bartley wanted to connect with all employees in order to offer them the most productive work space available.

Employees of Giant Pixel are "self-professed nerds," so Bartley modeled their new office in their own language. Star Wars references run throughout the office. Some employees mentioned to Bartley that they liked to brainstorm at a bar, so Bartley included a full bar in the basement of the building.

By catering to employee needs, Bartley was able to construct the ultimate office of productivity for Giant Pixel. By meeting with your employees and determining what it is they need to be productive, you can undoubtedly boost the efficiency in your office. Don't just settle for the standard office remodel. Offer your employees an environment that fosters creativity and drives productivity. Your growing business will thank you later.

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