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The Anatomy of a Pre-Drafted Email

I'm fairly effusive and passionate about pre-drafting email. But what's the specific anatomy of a pre-drafted piece? In this article, I'll break down my thinking process, step by step. [rebel] Step 1: Why I'll kick off the email with a tweet-length contextual...

Inside My Editing Flow

Check out our mini course on how to write faster I've copy edited hundreds of thousands of articles in the last decade, and since many of our readers have to edit written work as part of their responsibilities, I thought I'd share my editing flow. Here&...

Simple Tips to Shorten Your Emails

Who wants to write 100 words when 17 will do? Not we Rebels, that's for sure. Here are five simple steps to shorten your emails, along with some real-world examples.[rebel] (Want a PDF version of this image? Right-click here.) More From Rebel: * Skill Development: The 3 S&...

Marissa Brassfield

5 Habits of High-Performance Writers

I've often been asked about the mindset I have while creating content, which inspired me to create this list of habits of high-performance writers. Cold and clinical? Perhaps, but it works. * Emotional Detachment: I care deeply about quality, but I don't waste time on personal rants...

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