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The longest romance in history might possibly be between work and coffee. There's no denying that their bond is strong or that their relationship is codependent. The infographic below from online help desk service provider Zoho Support shows just how strong the bond between work and coffee really is.

Coffee helps give workers a jump start and the caffeine can even help reduce errors. Many workers sit at a desk which can cause a slew of aches and pains, making coffee more useful than ever -- it can reduce pain in your forearm, wrists, neck and shoulders.

A nice coffee break in the middle of the day has also proved to help increase productivity in workers. This is especially true for employees who take coffee breaks together. Heading to your local coffee shop can even have a positive impact on the quality of work you produce. Thanks to the noise levels, working from a coffee shop can elevate your creativity.

Learn more about the bond between work and coffee in the infographic below.

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