We've covered quite a few ways to reduce stress here on Ridiculously Efficient, and this one might be the weirdest (perhaps that means it will also be the most effective!). Clinical social worker Julie Barthels explained her tapping technique to the Wall Stree Journal.

Also referred to as the "emotional freedom technique," you use a series of taps on your head and face to help you destress. Start by saying what is causing your stress out loud. Then, rate your level of stress on a scale of 1-10.

Then, tap the top of your head with two fingers while you repeat your cause of stress. Continue this tapping on the inside and outside of your eyebrows, under your eyes, chin, collarbone and the side of your torso.

When you've completed these steps, rate your stress from 1-10 again. Continue to repeat the process until this number is down to "one."

Give it a try -- it might just help you realize the things that stress you out aren't so bad after all.

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