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Welcome to the first edition of Monday Headlines, in which I'll help kick off your week with news articles about productivity, time management tips and best practices for working effectively. What stories are you reading this morning? Feel free to share them in the comments.

  • I agree with many of these, especially the tip to set up a system: Ten Ways to Get More Done at Work [Forbes]
  • Brain health is a vital component of productivity. Help stave off Alzheimer's by picking up a new language. [PickTheBrain]
  • What do Al Gore, Larry Page and Bill Gates have in common? They all use three monitors to boost their effectiveness at work. [Scott Hanselman]
  • These are also good, but my very favorite is No. 5, "Reduce your need for motivation and discipline," which emphasizes setting yourself up for success by creating the optimal work environment for you. Top 10 Steps to Reclaim Your Life From Distraction [Guy Kawasaki]
  • Richard Branson offers his top time management tips. One I love? "You must manage your BlackBerry; do not let it manage you. Many executives check their smartphones throughout meetings and during off-hours. This is not good for concentration, and has a negative impact on decision making." [Entrepreneur]
  • A nice editorial by Eileen P. Gunn about coming to terms with an overloaded schedule by making time for relaxation, limiting late evenings and acknowledging that some to-do items will have to be left unfinished for the next day. [Inc]
  • Economic woes and the ever-changing work environment in France have caused employees' 90-minute lunch breaks to shrink to just 22 minutes over the course of the past 20 years. That's still more than the average British lunch break, which is just 16 minutes. [Sydney Morning Herald]
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