ask why not how

It's a natural question that I get asked every day: "How can I be more efficient?" To become ridiculously efficient, though, the word you must fixate on isn't "how," but "why." Sure, I can recommend work productivity strategies and cutting-edge to-do apps, but if these tools are merely used to perform inefficient tasks faster, you'll only see marginal gains in overall effectiveness.

Instead, take a page from the "Hack" phase of the Ridiculously Efficient Track, Hack and Attack method to systematically put your current processes to the test. For each one, ask yourself, "Why is it done this way? Is there a better way?"

Use this method to evaluate your routines and modify or jettison "time sucks" that aren't helping you do your job better and faster. By simplifying, you'll supercharge your productivity without adopting a single new tool or strategy.

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