stressed worker

In his recent blog post, artist Oliver Wetter discusses his ability to turn feelings of demotivation into productivity. As an artist, Wetter feels a constant pressure to turn out quality art. Seeing the constant stream of quality art emerging around the world can be difficult for Wetter as an artist, but it also serves as motivational.

In the world of commercial art, Wetter has the ability to peruse fellow artists work online. When he does so, Wetter often sees work that is superior to his own, which causes flares of demotivation to arise. However, Wetter harnesses this form of demotivation and turns it into productivity through a type of remixing he does with other artists' work. Wetter will use their new work to inspire his own pieces.

This form of productivity can be used in the business arena as well. Instead of becoming demotivated when you see colleagues succeeding, pull productivity from their achievements. Draw off what they have done, and improve. Anything can be a source of productivity; you just have to see it the right way!

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