employee at desk

Are you taking the right steps to motivate employee productivity, or are you unwittingly making mistakes that are counterproductive to efficiency? Today's must-reads might surprise you.

  • How can poor lighting influence productivity? This article introduces the Hawthorne effect and how it could be hurting employee output. [A Successful Woman]
  • Keeping on top of your work email by replying right away could actually be hurting your productivity. What other mistakes might be hurting your career? [Prevention]
  • Fearmongering and ignoring top-performing employees are two of the biggest mistakes a manager can make. The easiest way to get the productivity you need from employees? Encourage them and communicate with them, using these feedback tips. [Inc.]
  • Harvard Business School professor Teresa Amabile has an unconvential idea for improving productivity. Here's a hint: It's one of the oldest emotional outlets of all time. [Forbes]
  • Should you allow employees to use their own personal devices in the workplace? Discover the benefits and boost to productivity that can result. [Mashable]
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